Highfield casualties in WW1

In this part of the project we researched those lost by the parish in World War 1. The names we limited to those named on the Highfield Church War Memorial, names which appeared in the Parish Newsletters of the time, names appearing on the Roll of Honour or in the headmasters logs of Highfield School and those that appeared on the Roll of Honour read by Highfield Church on Remembrance Sunday (this was a manual list and seems to have been collected over time to add names of loved ones lost by parishioners who later moved to the area).

Although we may not have included everyone from the area who laid down their life, we believe we have captured all those with a link to the church or school, or those who would have wanted to be specifically remembered by Highfield Church.

The personal history and service information has been gathered from many sources and additions or corrections would be gratefully received.

The full list amounts to 109 individuals who gave their lives fighting in World War 1. However, there are additional names which we have not been able to ascertain if they relate to WW1 or WW2.

Blair V. Aitken died 16th February 1915, aged 18
Private, 10th Hampshire
Blair lived at Oakhurst on Church Lane. He died at the training camp in Ireland prior to being sent to the front, and is buried at Ballyglass, Ireland.

William Christian Anderson died 28th June 1917, aged 59
Colonel, 79th Royal Field Artillery 
William lived at 36 Khartoum Road, husband of the late Mary Anderson. William rejoined the army on the outbreak of the war, having previously served in the Zulu (1879) and Egyptian (1885) Campaigns. He died at York Hill War Hospital, Glasgow, and remebered at Cadder Cemetery.

William Anderson died 25th July 1918, aged 28
Captain, 1st Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
William was the son of Morea and William (the Borough Accountant who sat on the PCC at Highfield Church). They lived at the ‘Hawthorns’, on The Common, his wife Eve predeceased him. 
He is buried at Southampton Old Cemetery, in a family plot.

James Anderson died 23rd April 1917, aged 28 
presumed to be Lance Corporal, 29499, of 2nd Battalion, Hampshire Regiment  
who was killed in action, during the 2nd Battle of Arras, in France.
It is believed that he was born in 1889 in Scotland to a Scottish marine engineer, John, and his wife, Annie. This family are known to have lived in Alma Road from 1891.

George Arthur Andrews died 29th May 1915, aged 19
Corporal, 1/5th Hampshire
George lived at 46 Westwood Road. He was the son of Richard and Elizabeth Andrews and husband of Norah. He went straight to India as part of the peace keeping Territorial Force in Allahbad. George was one of only 21 from this battalion who died. He is buried in Benares Cantonment Cemetery, India.

George Henry Ansell died 5th March 1917, aged 29 
Private, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry and 3rd Battalion, Devonshire Regiment 

Richard Applin died 29th April 1917, aged 22
2nd Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps, 19th Squadron

Leonard Armstrong died 21st August 1916, aged 25
Acting Sergeant, Queens Reg’t, Royal West Surrey 

Henry Axtell died 21st May 1918, aged 42
Battery Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery 5th Siege Battery
Before the war Henry was a bricklayer living with his wife, Alice in Bitterne Park. He was sent to Catterick for training in November 1917 and a month later was posted overseas. 
Henry died during the German Spring Offensive from gunshot wounds received to his leg. He is buried at Pernes, France.

Frederick Charles Baker died 31st October 1917, aged 33
Private, 15th London Civil Service Rifles 
 Frederick was killed in action during the Battle of Beersheba Infantry attack. Lieut. F. Lewis wrote: “He … was hit by a machine-gun bullet … and it might help you to know that he never knew pain. He was a soldier and died a soldier, and his death is felt very much by every one in the company.” 
Frederick attended Taunton’s School and had lived with his wife and daughter at 7 Khartoum Road. He is buried in Wadi Halgon Military Cemetery, Yahia.

Alfred Barling died 19th September 1916, aged 37
Siege Battery Gunner, 74th Natal South African Heavy Artillery
Alfred lived at ‘Bramcote’, Highfield Crescent. It is believed he died from wounds received during the Battle of The Somme. He is commemorated at Etaples, France.

Reginald Victor James Bell died 24th May 1915, aged 18
Private, 19th (Hussars) Household Cavalry
Reginald was the son of Thomas and Charlotte Bell, of 3 Chaplin St., (Roselands Gardens). 
He was killed during the Battle of Bellewarde, during which the Germans used poisonous gas. 
Reginald is remembered at the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres, Belgium.
Thanks to his relative John Hoare, webpages 
remembering more details of his life and service can be found here:

Harry Benham died 26th February 1918, aged 39 
Private, Royal Army Medical Corps HMHS Glenart Castle
Harry lived at ‘Heather Villa’, Heatherdeane Road.
He died at sea when the Hospital Ship was sunk by enemy action in the Bristol Channel. 
Harry is remembered at Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton

Alfred George Best died 15th April 1917, aged 31 
Private, 5th Wiltshire (Duke of Edinburgh’s)
Alfred was killed at sea. The troopship HT Cameronia left France and was torpedoed and sunk off Malta, with the loss of 210 officers and men of the Commonwealth forces. She was carrying reinforcements for Mesopotamia. Alfred is remembered on the Chatby Memorial, Egypt.

William Reginald Seymour Bowyer died 2nd April 1918, aged 28 
Private, 2nd Royal Berkshire
William died of wounds received during the German Spring Offensive on The Somme. He is listed on the Pozieres memorial, France which implies he has no known grave.

William Henry Boyes died 23rd October 1916, aged 41
Lance Corporal, 1st Hampshire
William lived at 31 High Crown St., with his wife, Louise. 
William was killed in action during the Battle of Le Transloy, one of the Battles for The Somme. He is buried at Thiepval Anglo-French Cemetery, and his headstone reads: 

Frederick Charles Burt died 23rd August 1915, aged 31
Private, 10th Hampshire

Joseph Henry Bush died 10th August 1919, aged 19
Private, 1st Royal Warwickshire
Joseph lived at 9 Chaplin Street (now Roselands Gardens) with his parents, Henry and Sophia, and 3 siblings. His father worked as a carman. He is buried at Hollybrook Cemetery, Southampton.

Henry Butler died 5th April 1918, aged 21
Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery 139th Heavy Battery 

Reginald Cavill died 26th September 1918, aged 26
Private, 80th Machine Gun Corps
Reginald lived at 221 Portswood Road and enlisted in 1914. He fell ill and was in hospital in Salonika for a week before dying from pneumonia. He was survived by his parents, 4 brothers and 1 sister. He is buried at Karasouli, Greece.

Charles Edward Chappel died 23rd October 1916, aged 25
Private, 1st Hampshire 
Charles lived at ‘Marlborough’, 65 Highfield Crescent. 
He was killed in action fighting for the capture of Mild Trench, during the Battle of Le Transloy one of the Battles for The Somme. Charles is remembered at Thiepval, France.

Major Martyn Collins died 4th February 1917, aged 24
Sub Lieutenant, Royal Naval Division VR Hawke Bn. 
Major lived at ‘Rowborough‘, Highfield Lane. He was taken prisoner on 13th November 1916 during the opening attack of the Battle of The Ancre, one of the Battles for The Somme. 
The Red Cross reported that he died of his wounds. Major is remembered at Thiepval, France.

William Cotton died 2nd September 1918, aged 37
Private, Central Ontario Regiment, Canadian Infantry, 54th Bn.
William’s parents lived at 61 Highfield Crescent. William died during the breaking of the German Drocourt-Queant line near village of Dury, Pas-de-Calais as his battalion advanced on Belgium.
He is buried at Dury Mill, France.

William George Dark died 30th May 1917, aged 28
Private, 5th South Wales Borderers & 1st Monmouthshire
William lived at 5 Khartoum Road with his wife and two children. He died from injuries received during the 3rd Battle of Ypres just prior to their attack on Messines Ridge. He is buried at Bailleul Cemetery.

Owen Heathcote Lacy Daydied 6th August 1915, aged 27
Captain, 2nd Hampshire
Owen was the sixth and youngest son of Arthur and Georgiana Day, who lived at 17 Archers Road. His gravestone records that Owen “fell gloriously at the Dardenelles” while “fighting in the service of his King and Country”. Owen is buried at Twelve Tree Copse in Turkey and has a memorial in Southampton Old Cemetery.

George Dibben died 24th March 1918, aged 32
Pioneer, Royal Engineers No.1 Special Company 
George’s family lived at ‘Upna’, Welbeck Avenue. He was a Builders Merchant and had been married for less than a year to Ethel. George was killed in action during the German Spring Offensive at The First Battle of Bapaume, one of the Battles for The Somme.
He is remembered on the Pozieres Memorial, France.

Arthur Albert Doling  died 23rd October 1918, aged 27
Private, 20th Manchester/Bedfordshire
Arthur’s family lived in Burgess St., Bassett. He was killed whilst taking Pommereuil during the Battle of the Selle, part of the 5th Battle of Ypres. At the time there was no nearby cemetery. The 20th Manchesters made their own wooden memorial for their fallen.

William Charles H Doling died 4th March 1919, aged 39
William served with 2nd Hampshire Regiment in 1901. 
He was the older brother of Arthur Albert, also remembered here. When he died he was a Staff Sergeant with the Royal Army Medical Corps. He is buried at Pieta Military Cemetery, Malta.

Frederick John Eldridge died 29th August 1918, aged 32
Driver, 7th Royal Horse Artillery (Y battery)

Frederick Sidney Elliott died 16th March 1918, aged 27
Driver & Private, 2/7th Duke of Wellington, W.Riding
Frederick lived at 15 Highfield Lane. He enlisted as a Driver in the Horse Transport ASC in February 1915 but was transferred in October 1917. Frederick was shot in the back whilst serving in the Arras battlefields and died 6 days later. He is buried at Etaples, France.

Walter Fawcus died 25th March 1918, aged 37
Captain, Northumberland Fusiliers
Walter lived at 50 Winn Road, the son of Arthur, who served on the PCC at Highfield and Fanny. 
Walter was awarded the Military Cross in December 1916. He was killed in action during the First Battle of Bapaume, part of the German Spring Offensive on The Somme. He is remembered on the Pozieres Memorial, France.

Henry Shanks Fiddes presumed died 3rd May 1917, aged 20
Lance Corporal , 2nd/9th Royal Scots 
 Henry had held the rank of Lance Corporal for just a month when he was recorded missing presumed dead near Monchy, during the 3rd Battle of the Scarpe. His effects; including letters, french book, photos, cuttings and souvenirs were returned to his father. 
Henry is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France 
His nephew, Henry, died as a result of WW2 action and is remembered here.

Basil Jack Fifield died 16th August 1918, aged 20
Private, 15th Hampshire
Basil was the son of Ernest, an accountant and Charlotte, of Winchester. 
He is buried at Lijssenthoek, Belgium. Basil is thought to have received wounds in the Battle of Amiens 8-11 August. Although not on the memorials he is remembered here. It is believed he had family connections with Ripstone Gardens.

William Flood died 27th July 1917, aged 27
Private, 3/10th Middlesex
William’s parents lived at 4 Kent Terrace, Kent Road, Portswood. He was married with a daughter when he joined up in December 1915. William was killed in action as his battalion moved to the front in advance of the 3rd Battle of Ypres. He is buried at Monchy, France.

Walter George Fudge died 27th September 1916, aged 23
Private, 7th Bedfordshire
Walter lived at 44 HighCrown St., the son of a police constable. Maurice Goldney Lyle (also remembered here) lived with them. Walter died, along with a third of his brigade, during the action that saw them successfully capturing the village of Thiepval, during the Battle of The Somme. 
He is remembered at Thiepval, France.

John Samuel Gardner died 11th August 1918, aged 35
Private, 1st Dorsetshire Regiment
Born in Wallasey, John became a fruit salesman’s manager living at 86 Welbeck Avenue. 
On the last day of the Battle of Amiens, John took part in the attack on Damery. The troops left the British trenches and assaulted the German line before being halted by machine gunfire. 
He left a widow, Helen, and is buried at Bouchoir New British Cemetery.

Paul Chancourt Girardot died 17th September 1914, aged 19
2nd Lieutenant, Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
Paul served in the same regiment in which his father had been a Lieutenant Colonel. The shell that killed Paul, during the Battle of the Aisne, killed another 10 men and a further 11 were wounded. Paul is buried at Soupir, France. His gravestone includes the words “In most loving memory of my beloved child – mother”.

Harold Hallett died 10th April 1918, aged 30
Lance Corporal, 2/5th Hampshire

Charles William Harrison 
Charles appears on our War Memorial, the Bitterne Memorial and Southampton Cenotaph. His contribution is currently unknown but not unrecognised.

Cyril Tregare Harston died 9th October 1918, aged 22
Rifleman, 9th London Labour Corp (Queen Victoria Rifles)
Cyril was the son of Theodore (Lieut. R.N.R.), and Amy, who grew up in Alma Road, Bevois Mount. He had been educated at Streatham Hill College, London. Cyril was buried on 12th October at West Norwood Cemetery, Lambeth, London.

Reginald Hartley died 26th October 1915, aged 24
Lieutenant, 10th Worcestershire
Reginald lived at 95 Highfield Lane. He had two other brothers who also served. Norman (also remembered here) and Sydney a Lieutenant in the 10th Worcs. He is buried at Browns Road Cemetery, Festubert.

Norman Curtis Hartley died 20th January 1918, aged 18
2nd Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery 19th Division 
Norman lived at 95 Highfield Lane. His father was a school inspector. His older brother, Reginald, had died in 1915, aged 24, and is also remembered here. Norman died from wounds received within 4 months of joining up. Another brother, Sydney served and went on to be awarded the MC & Bar. Norman is buried at Neuville-Bourjonval, France.

Edwin Lewis Heath died 1919, aged 32
Sapper, Royal Engineers
Edwin lived at 242 Portswood Road, and joined up November 1915. 
Edwin was admitted to Southampton University War Hospital, 28th November 1918 (after peace was declared) and 2 months after his brother James had died. He was awarded the Silver War Badge and discharged unfit for service six weeks later and died from his wounds early in 1919.

James Heath died 18th September 1918, aged 27
Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery 185th Siege Battery 
James lived at 2 Orchard Place, Portswood Road with his parents Edwin and Julia. His father was a gardener. He had two brothers, Edwin (also remembered here) and Albert. 
James was killed in action and buried in Hancourt, France.

Harold Percival Hendin died 28th April 1917, aged 23
Lieutenant, 10th Lincolnshire
Harold lived at Burford House, Highfield Crescent. In August 1916, he received the Military Cross, for conspicuous gallantry and determination during operations. He led four men along the enemy front, holding a point for twelve hours. Later, he withdrew his men and held out for three days. He was killed in action at the Battle of Arleux and is remembered at the Arras Memorial, France.

Edwin Ernest Horley died 20th July 1918, aged 22
A/Corporal, 2/4th Hampshire

Frank Hebden Hoskyn died 19th November 1919 , aged 19
2nd Lieutenant, 102nd King Edward’s Own Grenadiers
 Frank lived at 48 Westwood Road. Frank was mentioned in dispatches, “Though not fit at the time he set his men a fine example of grit and devotion to duty”. He led a forced march of 22 miles in the heat of the day, May 1919, bringing his detachment and 1,000 transport animals to Thal the day before it was besieged. He is listed on the Delhi Memorial, India.

Frederick Howe died 28th September 1917, aged 28
Private, 1/4th Dorsetshire
Before the war Frederick had been a shipping clerk and lived with his parents at ‘Beaulieu‘, Welbeck Avenue. He was killed during the Battle of Ramadi, part of the Mesopotamian campaign. He is remembered at Baghdad (North Gate), Iraq.

Edward Pitcairn Jones died 13th May 1916, aged 20
2nd Lieutenant, 5th/9th Rifle Brigade
Edward was the son of Edward, a Rear Admiral. His mother, Rosalie, was the enrolling member for Highfield Mothers’ Union and they lived at 8 Oakmount Avenue. Edward died of wounds received and is buried at Avesnes le Comte, France.

George Robert Jones died 21st March 1917, aged 16
Scullion, Mercantile Marine, HMHS Asturias

Gordon Douglas Jones died 26th October 1918, aged 23
Private, 2nd Dragoon Guard

John Archibald Jordan died 25th March 1918, aged 39
Private, 1st Worcestershire
John lived at Church Farm House, University Road (now the site of the Student Services Building). John was killed in action at the Somme Crossings during the German Spring Offensive and is remembered on the Pozieres Memorial, France.

Charles Seccombe Craufurd Kennedy died 22nd August 1916, aged 24
Captain, 1st Sherwood Foresters
Charles was the son of an Army Colonel, living at ‘Caradon’, Church Lane. He was twice mentioned in despatches for “gallant and distinguished service in the field” and received the Military Cross. He was accidentally killed whilst experimenting with explosives and is buried at Hazebrouck, France.

George Stanton Longster died 11th November 1918, aged 36
Sapper, Royal Engineers 12th Inland Waterways, Port Construction Company 

Geoffrey William Lund died 21st April 1917, aged 30
Sgt Major, 2nd Hampshire
Geoffrey’s was married to Mary and his parents Rev. William and Fanny Lund lived at 36 Welbeck Avenue. He was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. “He took command of his company when the officers were wounded and showed conspicuous courage and ability in organising the defences.” He was later killed in action and is remembered on the Arras Memorial in France.

Maurice Goldney Lyle died 10th December 1914, aged 20
Airman 2nd class, 6th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps 

Leonard George Lyne died 10th April 1917, aged 33
Private, Somerset Light Infantry
Leonard was the son of a gardener, William Lyne, and his wife Elizabeth. The family lived at ‘Brookfield House’, Portswood Road. He married Olive in 1904 and they had 3 children. He was killed in action at the Battle of Vimy Ridge and is remembered at Browns Copse, Rouex, France.

Norman James Lyne died 9th April 1917, aged 23
Corporal, Royal Canadian Reg’t
Norman was the son of Thomas Lyne, a draughtsman with the Royal Ordnance Survey and his wife Mary. He left for Canada in 1909. His enlistment papers show he lived at 298 Portswood Road. He died at the Battle of Vimy Ridge and is remembered on the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, France.

Albert George Mankelow died 17th August 1917, aged 27
Private, 11th Hampshire
Albert was born in 1890 at Tunbridge Wells to Thomas and Amy Mankelow. His father became the gardener at ‘Uplands’ and the family moved to ‘Uplands Lodge’, Highfield, Albert became an apprentice carpenter and joiner. Albert died of his wounds at the Bradford War Hospital, England.

Percy Marlow died 7th June 1917, aged 28
2nd Lt/T. Captain, Duke of Edinburgh’s Wiltshire Regiment 
Percy was born in Alton and lived at Netherton House. His father, Henry was a hay dealer and his mother was Elizabeth. Both died during WW2 and are remembered here. In 1911, Percy was a Trooper in the 2nd Life Guards, barracked at Hyde Park. 
Percy died of his wounds and is buried at Klein-Vierstaat Cemetery in Belgium.

George McFarlane died 31st May 1916
Able Seaman, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Black Prince

Reginald James Milford died 31st August 1917, aged 27
Lance Corporal, Royal Engineers
Reginald was the son of Sidney and Fanny Milford who lived at ‘Kinross’, Grosvenor Road, Highfield. His father was a chief clerk on the railways. Reginald died of his wounds and is remembered at Mount Huon, France.

Frederick Norman Mollett died 18th July 1918, aged 24
Lieutenant, 107th Squadron RFC & 9th Hampshire Regiment
Frederick and his sister Maud were brought up by their widowed mother, Emma. They are known to have lived at 68 Highfield Lane. Frederick died during bombings in advance of the Battle of Tardenois, during the 2nd Battle of The Marne. He is remembered at Vailly, France

Mr Mollinson is remembered by Highfield Church and parish. 
His contribution is currently unknown but not unrecognised.

Charles Morris died 10th August 1915, aged 18
Private, 10th Hampshire

Horace Louis Morrow died 21st November 1917, aged 24
Corporal, 11th Hampshire
Horace was born in Dublin. He was awarded the Military Medal for his contribution and this was announced just 5 days before he died. He was killed in an action to take an enemy trench on the Hindenburg Line during the Battle of Cambrai. He is remembered at St. Leger, France.

Edward ‘Teddy’ Cyril Mulgrave died 25th January 1918, aged 16
Assistant Steward, Mercantile Marine, S.S. Normandy
Teddy was the son of Mrs Louisa Mulgrave of 214 Portswood Road. He served on a steam ship carrying supplies and mail to France. He was killed when the ship was sunk by a torpedo, 8 miles off the coast of Cherbourg. He is remembered on the Tower Hill Memorial in London.

Edwin George Newell died 7th August 1917, aged 23
Corporal, Royal Garrison Artillery

Sidney George Noble died 21st June 1916, aged 22
Lance Corporal, 1/4th Hampshire Reg’t

Leonard Elton North died 15th April 1917, aged 33
Private, 13th Hussars
Leonard was a farrier who lived at 327 Portswood Road. His father had been a local cattle dealer and butcher. He died aboard the HMT Cameronia which was carrying reinforcements for Mesopotamia. She set off from France and was torpedoed and sunk on 15th April 1917 east of Malta, with the loss of 210 men. Leonard is listed on the Chatby memorial in Egypt.

William Palmer died 10th August 1915, aged 21
Private, 10th Hampshire

Reginald Payne Reginald Payne is remembered by Highfield Church and parish. He is also remembered on the Bitterne Memorial and Southampton Cenotaph. His contribution is currently unknown but not unrecognised.

Walter Pardy died 27th August 1916, age 36
Private, Gloucestershire Regiment
Walter was born in Sway and at 15 was a bricklayer’s apprentice. His father, Isaac was a bricklayer and is known to have lived at 18 Richmond Gardens. Walter died during the Battle for Mouquet Farm one of the Battles for the Somme. He is buried in the Lonsdale Cemetery, France.

Harold Graham Paris died 6th October 1918, aged 30
Major, Royal Garrison Artillery

Arthur Pearce died 13th October 1914, aged 25
Lance Corporal, 1st Dorsetshire

Edward Aubrey Persse died 14th October 1918, aged 37
Captain, Royal Field Artillery

Henry Wilfrid Persse died 28th June 1918, aged 33
Major, Royal Fusiliers

Ernest Pilley died 23rd July 1916, aged 26
Private, 1st Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
Ernest was born in Leytonstone, the son of Charles and Ellen. He was part of a large family, including a sister Edith who was the mother of Leslie Crouch, who died in WW2 and is remembered here. He was killed in an attack on High Wood during the Battle of Bazentin Ridge and was buried at Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval, France.

James Alfred Ploughman died 16th September 1916, aged 25
Private, 49th Canadian Infantry
James was born in Southampton and his parents lived at 353 Portswood Road. He was a farm hand before the war and joined the Alberta Regiment in Canada, on 3rd April 1915.
He died of wounds received at The Battle of the Somme and is buried in Ovilliers Military Cemetery, Somme, France.

Harry Reginald Pope died 27th May 1918, aged 26
Private, West Riding Regt & Durham Light Infantry
Harry had been a butcher living on Gordon Avenue with his parents, Edward and Rose. On the first day of the Battle of Aisne his Division was attacked with a massive artillery bombardment followed by poison gas and infantry – it was described as a disaster when they sustained huge losses. Harry was presumed killed. He is remembered at Terlincthun, France.

Frank Porter died 23rd October 1918, aged 26
Private, 15th Hampshire

Percival ‘Percy’ William Prince died 23rd October 1918, aged 25
Guardsman, 3rd Grenadier Guards

William Gordon R. Mac Redstone died 7th April 1917, aged 18
Ordinary Seaman, Royal Navy HMS Victory I 
William’s father (also William) worked as a dock porter.
Victory I was the flagship and the name used for Portsmouth Barracks in WW1. His death was registered in Alverstoke (Gosport). William is remembered at the Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery.

Alexander William Reid died 4th March 1917, aged 20
2nd Lieutenant, 43rd Squadron RFC & 6th King’s Own Scottish Borders
Alexander was the son of an army Major and lived in Chandlers Ford. By the start of WW2, during which Alexander’s brother Joseph died, their mother had moved to Granby Grove, which is why he is remembered here. He is buried at Souchez, France

William Arthur Reynolds died 29th October 1916
Lance Corporal, 2/8th Royal Warwickshire Reg’t
William was born in Portswood and had previously served in the Hampshire Regiment.
He died of his wounds and is buried at Merville Communal Cemetery Extension in Nord, France.

Albert Richards died 19th April 1917, aged 22
Rifleman, 1/8th Hampshire (Isle of Wight Rifles)

Frederick Richards died 18th July 1916, aged 26
Gunner, Royal Horse Artillery

Percival George Reddell died 1918, aged 24
Stoker, Royal Navy
Percival was the younger brother of Frederick (also remembered here) and had a twin, Bertie. The family lived at ‘Alpha Villa’, Woodside Road, Portswood. Their father, Thomas, was a veteran of the Crimean. He died in Portsmouth in late 1918.

Frederick Robert Reddell died 8th February 1917, aged 28
Leading Signalman, Royal Navy HMS Ghurka 
Frederick’s father was a Crimean War Veteran. The family including younger brother Percival (also remembered here) lived at ‘Alpha Villa’, Woodside Road, Portswood. 
Frederick was killed in action serving aboard the tribal class destroyer when she hit a mine and sank off Dungeness. Frederick is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

Frederick George Kirk Saunders died 1st June 1915, aged 21
Sergeant, Royal Fusiliers, City of London Regiment
Frederick was born in Madras in 1893. His father, also Frederick, served in the British Army in India, before transferring to the Indian Army and retiring as Honorary Captain in 1911. The family then returned to England, settling in Southampton. 
Frederick George enlisted in Hounslow and was killed at Gallipoli. He is buried at Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery, Helles – grave reference C No 253.
Further information can be found here.

Edward Sellers died 3rd May 1917, aged 29
Corporal, Household Cavalry
Edward was born in Poole. The Household Cavalry battalion in which Edward served was formed from the reserve units of the Household Cavalry and the men had been re-trained as foot soldiers. Edward was killed in action, during one of the skirmishes in the Battle for Arras. He has no known grave but is remembered at Arras Cemetery, France.

Snowdon Stephen Clarke Smith died 26th March 1917, aged 31
Private, Cheshire/Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Snowdon’s family lived at 57 Highfield Crescent, but he enlisted in London. He had been a carpenter/joiner for a house builder. He was killed in action during the attack on Ali Muntar Ridge overlooking the town in the 1st Battle for Gaza. He has no known grave but Snowdon is remembered on the Jerusalem Memorial in Israel.

Alfred Gerald Squire died 11th August 1918, aged 20
Lance Corporal, Hampshire & 1st Dorsetshire

William George Squire died 22nd April 1917, aged 25
Private, 1st /4th Hampshire

Albert John Stone died 16th October 1916, aged 21
Private, 2nd Wiltshire (Duke of Edinburgh’s)

A S Tucker
Remembered by Highfield Church and parish, his contribution is currently unknown but not unrecognised

Edward James Underwood died 8th June 1917, age 34
2nd Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery 
Edward lived at ‘Staplegrove’, Blenheim Avenue, with his wife and son, Irene and James. He served as a Gunner in the Royal Horse Artillery in France from January 1917. 
Edward died of wounds and is buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery.

Albert Arthur Unwin died 12th September 1918, aged 23
Assistant Steward, Mercantile Marine, HMS Sarnia
Albert was born in Balham, London, to Harry and Mary. His family later moved to 53 Westridge Road. In 1911 he was already working as a ships steward, as was his father who is also remembered here. His ship sank when it was torpedoed by U-boat (U65) off Alexandria. He died at sea and is remembered at Plymouth Naval Memorial.

Harry Unwin died 1918, aged 59
Steward, Mercantile Marine
Harry was born in Itchen, Southampton to Henry and Amelia. His father was a fisherman. He married Mary Ann in 1881 and they had 5 children. They lived at 53 Westridge Road. In 1911, his son Albert was also working as a ships steward. Albert died in 1916 and is also remembered here. Harry’s death was registered in Southampton.

Walter Henry Vincent died 27th June 1918, aged 18
Officers Steward 1st Class, Mercantile Marine

Lancelot Rodney Warn died 4th February 1919, aged 38
Captain, 16th Canadian Infantry, Manitoba Regiment
Lancelot was the 6th of at least 10 children born to David and Annie of Sussex Place, Southampton. His father was a mariner. When he enlisted, in November 1914, he was working as a broker in Vancouver, Canada.
He is buried in a family plot at Southampton Old Cemetery.

Sidney Howard James Webb died 15th July 1916, aged 25
Stoker, Royal Navy

Walter Thomas Webb died 29th March 1918, aged 20
Private, 11th Hampshire 

Cameron Webber died 10th August 1917, aged 31
Private, 2nd Hampshire 
Cameron was the son of Walter and Elizabeth who lived at 106 Priory Road. Before the war he had been a general labourer. He was killed in action during the Battle of Pilckem Ridge, at the 3rd Battle of Ypres and is remembered at Artillery Wood in Belgium.

Guy Fitzgerald Wharton died 9th May 1915, aged 20
Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry & Yorkshire Light Infantry

Francis Edgar Wilde died 27th March 1918, aged 38
Lance Sergeant, 1/5th Durham Light Infantry
Francis was born in Sheffield and before the war he was an Assistant Master in a secondary school in Southampton. He lived at ‘Rosyth’, Welbeck Avenue. He died during the German Spring Offensive and is remembered at the Pozieres Memorial in France.

Christopher Young died 20th July 1918, aged 27
Lieutenant, 55th Squadron, Royal Air Force
2 months after Christopher was killed so was his younger brother. The family had lived in Richmond Gardens and his father had been a professor of music. He married Phyllis in 1916. 
His squadron was one of the first bomber squadron performing daytime raids. He is buried at Niederzwehren Cemetery in Germany.

Leslie Young died 4th October 1918, aged 19
Lieutenant, 25th Squadron, Royal Air Force
Leslie died just 2 months after his older brother, Christopher. The family lived in Richmond Gardens, their father Ernest had been a professor of music. 
25th squadron was involved in long range photo reconnaissance at the time of Leslie’s death. Leslie died of his wounds and is buried at Cambrai, France.