Highfield Street Directory 1863


The original document can be accessed via Street Directories page.

220 entries listed.


Letter-box closes at 7 p.m., on Sundays at 11:40 a.m.

Adams, John, toll collector, Common-gate
Allen, Charles, Burgess-street
Andrews, John, Burgess-street
Aslett, George, esq., Fitzroy-villa, Avenue
Atkins, Edward, esq., manager of the Hampshire Bank, Basset
Banister, William, dairyman, Red-lodge
Barnes, Charles, dairyman, Burgess-street
Barton, Alfred, O.M.O., Padwell-road
Beadon, Rev.F.F., Highways, Basset 
Bennett, John, malster
Betteridge, George, gardener, Old Basset
Bickers, James, gilder, Earl’s-road, Basset
Blake, James, grocer, Highfield
Bone, William, woodman, Church-lane
Brewer, F.W., shipping agent, Langdown-villa
Brown, George, ironmonger, Bevois-road
Bull, George, shoemaker, Alma-road, Basset
Bull, Thomas, gardener, Earl’s-road
Bullar, John, sen., esq., Basset-wood
Bullar, John, jun., esq., Bassett-wood
Bullar, Joseph, esq., M.D., Basset-wood
Bullar, William, esq., M.D., Basset-wood
Bushell, W. brickburner
Bunney, Benjamin, carpenter, Alma-road
Bunney, Henry, carpenter, Betts’-road
Burt, George, gardener, Westwood-lodge
Bushell, George, carpenter, Burgess-street
Bushell, Henry, gardener, Burgess-street
Bushell, William, brick merchant, Burgess-street
Butt, William, yeoman, Burgess-street
Byam, Sir William, Westwood
Byam, William, esq., Westwood
Calver, Ellen, school mistress, Old Basset
Calver, William, coachman, Glen Eyre-lodge
Cantell, Henry, shopkeeper, Burgess-street 
Carlisle, Rev. H.H., B.A., Medina-villa, Avenue
Channell, Richard*, carpenter, Burgess-street
Chaplin, Elizabeth, Russell-lodge
Cherrett, Luke, coal dealer, Highfield
Churcher, Reuben, Southampton Arms inn, Common
Clark, Alfred, Alma-road, Basset
Cleverley, William, painter, Alma-road, Basset
Cole, James, of the Post-office
Colmar, S., woodman, Bassett-wood
Colson, George,* coal merchant, Boundary hall, Burgess-street
Cook, Henry, bailiff, Church-farm, Church-lane
Cousens, Henry, O.M.O., Padwell-road
Covey, Mrs., Highfield
Coward, Henry, gamekeeper, Burgess-street
Coward, William, gardener, Basset
Cox, Mrs.J., Sidney-house, Avenue-road
Crabbe, Mrs. Eyre, Glen Eyre, Basset
Crocker, George, shoemaker, Lear-road
Crook, Henry, gardener, Earl’s-road
Cross, John, beer retailer
Curtis, James, dairyman, Warwick-house, Avenue
Curtis, —, P.&O. Co. S., Padwell-road
Daley, Mrs., Cambridge-villa, Avenue-road
Dauglish, Mrs. Caroline, Basset-edge
Davis, Charles, Alma-road, Basset
Dear, William, painter, Highfield
Dixon, Edward, merchant, Clayfield-house
Dumper, Charles, bailiff, Church-lane
Eatman, William, gardener, Old-Basset
Eatman, John, gardener, Old-Basset
Eddiker, John, Ross-cottage, Avenue-road
Egerton, George, gardener, Highfield
Eldridge, Walter, Burgess-street
Elford, Henry, seaman, Earl’s-road
Elfred, William,* shoemaker, Highfield
Elliott, John, architect, Orchard-house, Basset
Elliott, T.C., Basset-mount
Ellis, Thomas, P.&O. Co.S., Alma-road
Emery, Joseph, common keeper, Highfield
Evans, Mrs., Elm-lodge, Avenue
Fidler, Jacob, gardener, Alma-road, Basset
Fitzgerald, Rev. Gerald S., Parsonage
Ford, William, dealer, Rose-cottage, Padwell-road
Ford, John, innkeeper, Gate-Hangswell, Burgess-street
Foster, William, Bett’s-road
Gamblen, William Henry, 2, Burrow-cottage, Alma-road
Ganaway, James, carpenter, Highfield
Ganaway, Thomas, Earl’s-road
Ganaway, John, carpenter, Spear-road
Godley, Edward, Glen Cottage, Highfield
Golden, Richard, brick-burner, Highfield
Harley, William, Hope-cottage, Highfield
Harley, George, drainer, Church-lane
Harris, Charles, steam brickyard, Red-lodge
Hasler, F., bailiff, Bannister’s-farm
Hatchet, George, shopkeeper
Heath, James, Highfield
Heath, William, coal dealer, Highfield
Heath, William, Laurel Cottage
Heath, Edward, gardener
Herne, David, gardener, Alma-road, Basset
Hicks, Mrs., Fanny Elizabeth, Ridgmont, Basset
Hill, W., shipowner, Red-lodge, Basset
Hilyer, James, thatcher, Highfield
Hodgkinson, Joseph, Avenue-villa, Avenue
Holderway, Mrs. Ann, laundress, Highfield
Holderway, Edward, Highfield
Holloway, John, P.&O. Co. S., Barton-cottage, Avenue-road
Holloway, George, gardener, Old Basset
Hoare, Captain John L., North Down, Basset
Hornsey, Edward, gardener, Burgess-street
Huard, William, sail maker, Betts’-road
Hubbarde, James, D., esq., editor of the “Hants Advertiser”, Wick-cottage, Avenue-road
Hulse, Sir Edward, bart., Bannister’s-court
Hutchinson, John, O.M.O., Alma-road*
Jarvis, Richard, gardener, Highfield
Johnson, John, H.M.C., Avenue-road
Jones, C.T., esq., Ivy Bank, Highfield
Keele, Dr. H.J.Wm., Highfield-lodge
Kerley, John, carrier, Burgess-street
Key, Mrs., Livingstone-cottage, Spear-road
Kincherton, George, Burgess Street,
King, Emmanuel, bricklayer, Bevois-road

Laver, Jacob, bricklayer, Poplar-cottage, Burgess Street
Lawrence, William, coachman, Highfield
Lefeuvre, William J., esq. 
Lewington, Henry, carpenter, Padwell-road
Line, William, Glen Eyre-farm, Bassett
Lucas, William, Highfield
McCalmont, Rev. Thomas
Macaulay, John F., engraver, Burgess-street
Machlachlan, Archibald, O.M.O., Alma-road
Mafferay, William, bailiff, Red-lodge
Mastern, James, painter, Ivy-cottage
Mills, George, Burgess-street
Mills, John, dealer, Burgess-street
Moody, William, gardener, Highfield
Morier, Rear-Admiral William, Highfield-house
Murnaghan, Arthur, O.M.O., Anglesea-villa, Avenue-road
Napier, Capt. James, Cliff-terrace, Avenue
Newman, James, carpenter, Hawthorn-cottage
Oakley, William, cabinet maker, Betts’-road
Ox, Richard
Page, Henry, esq., solicitor, Basset-wood 
Page, John, shoemaker, Highfield
Painter, John, dairyman, Betts’-road
Painter, William, bricklayer, Church-lane
Parker, Robert, esq., Avenue-cottage, Avenue
Payne, George,* bricklayer, Earl’s-road
Payne, Mrs., Oakfield-house, Bevois-mount
Pearce, Mrs., Hannah, The Firs, Basset
Penton, Elizabeth, governess, Wood-side-cottage
Phipps, Charles,* W.I.Co.S., Avenue-road
Pope, George T., Virginia-cottage
Powell, Michael, sergeant of police, Alma-road
Price, George, gardener, Old Basset
Purkiss, George, gate keeper, Red-lodge-gate
Purkiss, Henry, dairyman, Alma-cottage, Alma-road
Ransom, James, gamekeeper, Basset-lodge
Ransom, John, ship builder, Hawthorn cottage, Common
Rayner, John F., Basset-wood
Reeve, C.H., esq., Basset-house
Rice, Robert James, O.M.O., Alma-road
Richards, Walter, baker, Burgess-street
Ridout, John Shepherd, Burgess Street
Rogers, Robert, bricklayer, Earl’s-road
Rogers, Mrs. General, Highfield
Rogers, Richard, carpenter, Spear-road
Rogers, W.H., nurseryman, Red-lodge, Basset
Rollo, Robert, O.M.O., Alma-road
Rolls, George, boot maker, Spear-road
Rolph, Edward, Post-office
Rolph, Miss Sarah, Highfield-villa
Rose, Robert, waiter, Highfield
Rubie, George, ship builder, Basset
Rule, George, dentist, Padwell-road
Salter, Mark, Perseverance-cottage, Betts’-road
Sansom, Joseph, Highfield
Scarborough, T., stage-coachman, Ivy-cottage
Schofield, Joseph, York-cottage, Betts’-road
Sellwood, William, jun., Highfield
Sharp, The Misses, ladies establishment, Clayfield-lodge, Avenue
Sheaf, Robert, schoolmaster, Highfield school
Shelly, W, brickburner, Point-out
Short, William, gardener, Church-lane
Slade, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Highfield
Smith, Walter, Commander, Highfield
Snelgrove, John, gardener, Avenue-road
Snelling, John, shoemaker
Snook, Albert, carpenter, Earl’s-road
Stanbridge, Robert, gardener, Highfield
Stephens, Frederick, cabinet maker, Church-lane
Stephens, Frederick Thomas, painter, Melbourne-cottage
Still, William, cooper, Padwell-road
Stone, James, coachmaker
Strong, Mrs. Harriet, laundress, Earl’s-road
Stewart, Thomas, bailiff and gardener, Glen-eyre-gardens
Sutton, John, seaman, Earl’s-road
Thorn, Mrs., Belvedere-lodge, Basset
Thorn, William, gardener, Old Basset
Thorn, John, gardener, Old Basset
Tildridge, Henry, gardner, Betts’-road
Twyford, Thomas, Rose-cottage, Highfield
Walridge, Henry, shoemaker, Basset-wood
Walridge, John, market gardener, Basset-wood
Wareham, William, carpenter, Padwell-road
Wassell, Esther, laundress, Highfield
Weakham, Thomas, beer retailer, Alma-road
Webb, John, Highfield
Wells, Jacob R., beer retailer, Rose and Crown, Highfield
Welstead, Mrs. Caroline, laundress, Highfield
Weston, Jacob, tailor and grocer, Basset
Wheeler, Richard, carver, Betts’-road
White, Edward, bricklayer, Spear-road
White, Thomas, gardener, Alma-road
Wiles, Captain Aaron, Bevois-road
Windebank, William, nurseryman, Bevois-mount
Windebank, Henry, dealer, Highfield
Wolff, James H., esq., Bevois-mount
Woods, Henry, clerk, Docks, Earl’s-road
Wort, Joseph, gardener, Basset
Wren, William, scalemaker, Church-lane, Highfield 
Wright, George, beer retailer, Avenue-hotel, Padwell-road
Wyatt, James, town crier, Woodcott-house, Burgess-street
Young, Henry, O.M.O., Alma-road

Notation: * implies the original name was written as a contraction but has been written in full here to allow easier searching and identification. For example: Wm = William, Geo = George, Jas = James, Rich = Richard
Bold Text indicates a household or individual that was on the 1853 Stoneham listing. It may relate to a different member of the family and only those which are definite have been indicated – others may exist. As you can see, there were not many.

NB: Basset, now spelled Bassett, and Burgess-street is now Burgess Road.