Highfield in the Census

Highfield has been included in the National Census of England and Wales, as part of Hampshire, South Stoneham Parish, since 1841. The following list gives the details of precisely where in those census you can find Highfield (although the boundaries of what was described as Highfield varies wildly!). Only the 1841 census has been transcribed here (see menu).

1841 – Enumeration District 1 (Portswood), pages 17-26 (or 15-26 to also 
  include Back Lane (now University Road/Church Lane, Highfield).
  HO107 / 417 / 11

1851 – Enumeration District ‘2a & 6’ (Portswood, Bevois, Christ Church), 
pages 36-57

1861 – Enumeration District 9f, pages 1-25 (this census classed the   boundary of Christ Church parish to be the boundary of Highfield)

1871 – Enumeration District 8 (Christ Church & St. Denys), pages 9-28.

1881 – Enumeration District 9 (Christ Church), pages 1-22 (included with these pages are properties on The Avenue not described as Highfield, but are on previous census).

1891 – Enumeration District 16 (Christ Church & Portswood, St. Mary’s), pages 1-28 (In this census the line between Portswood and Highfield is not 

1901 – Enumeration District 19 (Christ Church), pages 1-35.