Churches of South Stoneham

Ecclesiastical Parish

The churches below are within the phyisical boundaries of the ecclesiatical parish, or were at some point within that area – or records were produced and named as covering South Stoneham. 
In addition to the large Anglian churches were many chapels and other denominations. Many of these have long since disappeared. Some may not be named here, these were ones that we came across in our research.

  • St Marys’ Parish Church, Swaythling. The records from 1663 onwards are at the city archives.
  • St Albans, off Burgess Road. Anglican church in Swaythling parish founded in 1933. This new church saw the parish boundaries being redrawn and the parish of Swaythling was founded, the parish of South Stoneham disappeared.
  • Highfield Church (Christ Church, Portswood parish).
  • Swaythling Methodist Church, Burgess Road, Southampton. Built in 1932.
  • Swaythling Baptist Church.
  • Portswood Evangelical Church.
  • St Saviours or Holy Saviour Church, Bitterne. The church was built in 1852 and the ecclesiastical parish formed in 1853. Bitterne civil parish was founded 1894 (taking part of Portswood).
  • St Denys, from 1867
  • Congregational Chapel (built 1863), Bitterne
  • Weslyan Chapel (one erected in 1906), Bitterne
  • Allington and Shamblehurst formed West End Parish (1894).
  • St James Church, West End built 1838.
  • Church of the Resurection, Romsey Road, Eastleigh. Built 1868. Attached to the parish was also All Saints Church in Desborough Road. Eastleigh ecclesiastical parish was formed in 1868. Barton Peverel, Eastleigh and Boyatt formed Eastleigh civil parish in 1894.
  • Catholic Church of Holy Cross, Leigh Road, Eastleigh. Consecrated 1902.
  • Weslyan Church, High Street, Eastleigh. Built 1906.
  • Union Baptist Church, Desborough Road, Eastleigh. Built 1905.
  • United Methodist Church, Leigh Road, Eastleigh
  • Primitive Methodist Church, Factory Road, Eastleigh
  • St James, Westend. Built 1838 for formation of parish from South Stoneham in 1840. Register from 1840. New church of St James then built in 1890.
  • Also Westend ; Bible Chrsitian Mission, United Methodist Chapel, Weslyan Chapel at Moor Green, Evangelical Mission Hall, Primitive Methodist Mission and Church of England Mission Room at Moor Green.

Churches of the South Stoneham Civil Registration District

Along with those in the Ecclesiastical Parish, the churches below were within the phyisical boundaries of the civil parish, or very close by so may have served the population living there. They are written in no particular order.

St. Nicolas Church, Stoneham Lane, was the main Anglican church for North Stoneham parish. Built c.1600 it does have a graveyard. A second church without a graveyard was built at Bassett in 1897, St Michaels & All Angels.

St Mary. Founded & register dates from 1866.
Primitve Methodist Chapel, Sholing. Built 1855
Baptist Chapel and School Rooms, Sholing. Built 1887.
United Methodist Chapel, Sholing
Plymouth Bretheren Chapel, Sholing

Pear Tree
Jesus Chapel (Pear Tree Church). Built 1618. Actually in the parish of St Mary Extra, but during the period when the minister was shared between Jesus Chapel and St.Marys, South Stoneham (late 1600’s), the baptisms, burials and marriages were recorded in the South Stoneham register.

Congregational Church, Peartree Green. Founded 1808.
United Methodist Church, Manor Road, Peartree Green.

St James, St James Road
Bible Christian Chapel, Station Road
Union Baptist, Church Street
Weslyan, Church Street
Primitive Methodist, Oriental Street
Evangelist, Romsey Road, Old Shirley
Free Evangelist, Shirley Hall, Church Street

St Leonard (Founded in the 12th Century, register dates from 1564)
Catholic Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary.
Congregational Church. Built 1860 and noted in 1920 as being licensed for marriages.

Netley/Netley Abbey
St Mary, Hound. Register dates from 1792. Replaced as parish church by new Church of St Edward, below.
Church of St Edward the Confessor at Netley Abbey. Built 1885.
Weslyan Church, Netley erected in 1901.

Holy Trinity, Parish Church, Millbrook. Built 1873
St Nicholas, Millbrook, dated 1633. Register dates from 1633.
Weslyan Chapel at Wimpson, Millbrook.

St Marks, Church Road, Woolston. Register 1863
Roman Catholic Temporary iron church dedicated to St Patrick on Portsmouth Road in Woolston ,erected 1909. Brick church was built in 1884.
St Marys Presbytyrian Church, Woolston, 1876. Noted as licensed for marriages in 1920.
Evangelical chapel and Weslyan chapels in Woolston
Church of Christ, Johns Road, Woolston. (in 1907 named as Plymouth Brethern Gospel Hall)

Church of All Saints, Botley. Built 1836. Previous parish church was 1 mile away and register dates from 1679.
Congregational chapel, Botley


St Marys, Southampton (former parish church of St Mary Extra)

Church of St Andrew, Hamble-le-rice, built c.14th century. Register dates from 1660.

St John the Evangelist, Hedge End, Built 1874. Register 1876
Also Hedge End, Baptist hall, Congregationalists, bible Christian chapel

Holy Trinity, Weston. Register 1866.

St Denys Church, Chilworth, now in the Anglican parish of Chilworth & North Baddesley. Dates from the 1200’s but fell into disrepair from 1700 until it was mainly rebuilt in 1812. Register dates from 1721.

Ebenezer Hall, Church Mission Hall, Oakbank Road. Located near Itchen Ferry (1920)

St Barnabas, Lodge Road, Southampton. From 1892.