Highfield School Roll of Honour

Highfield School, Southampton, Hampshire
Names of Old Boys serving their King and Country
(grateful thanks for the transcription go to JIW)

It is believed the list was compiled by then headmaster of Highfield School, Archer Flux, and was the list referred to in the May 1917 Parish Magazine. A second list comprising only of those lost was written in the school records and is reproduced here. Those in blue are a clickable link to another page on this site including further biographical information.

Ansell S, 5th Hants T
Armstrong H, RGA
Armstrong L, West Surrey Regt
Applin R, Inns of Court OTC
Ashley C, RGA

Baker A, Royal Navy
Baker W J, 
Beare F, ASC
Bennett B, 5th Hants T
Bennett G, Hants Caribiniers
Brent B, ASC
Burt F, 10th Hants *^
Bushell L, 5th Hants T

Carr H, Canadian Mtd Rifles
Chappell W, RGA
Collins W, Royal Navy

Dickie W, 5th Hants T
Dunning W, Canadian Artillery
Durham S,

Ferris E, ASC
Ferris F, RHA

Gannaway F, 5th Hants T
Gardiner A, RFC
Gardiner E, RFC
Garner F, Royal Navy
Goldney M, RFC *^
Grayer S, RGA

Haines A, RFC
Hallett H, 5th Hants T
Hart W, RE
Harvey C, Royal Navy
Harvey E, RE
Harvey F, RGA
Hodges J, 5th Hants T
Hopkins A, Royal Navy
Hopkins F, RHA
Humby E, 5th Hants T

Jensen A, 
Jolly H, Rifle Brigade
Jones G, RFA ^
Jones Gordon, 2nd Dragoon Guards *
Jones R, ^ 
Joyce G, ASC

Kelly A, 5th Hants T
Kemmish V, 5th Hants T
Kemmish W, 5th Hants T
Kemmish Wm, ASC
Kenneth P, RFC

Longman H, Mountain Batty, India
Longster W, RHA
Lovelock C, 5th Hants T

Malerbi R J, 5th Hants T
Males W, RGA
McFarlane G, Royal Navy
Meatcher E, RE
Moore A, 5th Hants T
Morris C, 10th Hants *^

Norman H, Royal Navy

o’Brien A, Hants Caribiniers

Palmer W, 10th Hants *^
Penney H, 9th Hants, Cyclists
Penney W, 15th Hants, Cyclists
Pinder F, Royal Navy
Pitt A, 10th Hants
Pitt F G, 
Pope E, Rifle Brigade
Porter Albt, 10th Hants

Porter Alfred, RFC
Porter F, Hants Caribiniers ^
Porter Fred, RE
Porter G, 10th Hants
Prince R, RGA

Quick C, RAMC
Quick J, RGA

Reeves S, 5th Hants T
Richards F, RFA
Rolfe E, Royal Navy
Rolfe H, ASC
Rolfe M, RFC
Rowe A, 5th Hants T
Rowe A, RHA
Rowland V, RAMC

Seaward W, 5th Hants T
Spenser H, RGA
Smith F, RHA
Snell A G, Hants Caribiniers
Spreadbury A, Royal Navy
Squire C, RHA
Squire W, 5th Hants T ^
Staples J, ASC
Stocker W, RAMC
Swanton T, 
Swanton W, 
Symes H, 5th Hants T

Verdon B G J, 3rd Hants Special Reserve
Vine A, 10th Hussars *
Vine F, 6th Inniskilling Dragoons

Warner A, 
Webb S, ^
Webb W, ^
Wheeler G, 
Williams H,

For other information, see the research completed for this list on the Roll-of-Honour website.