Index of Names on Memorials in Highfield Church & Churchyard

Below is an alphabetical list of names found on the burials and the internal and external memorials of Highfield Church, Southampton (otherwise known as Christ Church, Portswood and located in South Stoneham in the 1841-1911 census). 
Where the name is clickable, this will take you to a page with inscription, photographs and sometimes further information, including census, birth, marriage and death records. 
For pictures showing the layout of the churchyard, please see the Highfield Church page.

Please remember that some of the grave inscriptions are very worn and may have been very difficult to read. Any errors are unintended.

The War Memorial is listed separately.

ANDREWS, William & Sarah (also see HILLYER)
ASLATT, Alfred John & Eliza & Alice Jane & Charles Frederick (Charlie) & Deane & George Colson & Henry Poat & John & Hester Martha & Hester Jane & Walter & Maria & Arthur William
AUSTIN, Josephine Helen

BAKER, Sarah Mary & Frederick 
BARLEN, Elizabeth Morris & John
BENWELL, Thomas & Eliza (also HILL)
BERRETT, William
BETTS, Margaret Macpherson & George Haynes
BLACKWELL, Charles Chadwick
BODEN, John & Mary
BOYT, John & Mary (see BURROWS)
BRANDON, Joshua Arthur
BRINTON, Anne & Ellen (or Helen) & George Simon & Kate
BURNETT, Anna Maria & John James & Sarah & John
BURROWS, Mary Eliza & George

CALLENDER, Richard Clement
CHAVE, Sir Benjamin & Owen Cecil
CHITTY, Rev. Walter Henry
COMPER, William & Caroline Maria & Anne Eleanor 
COOKE, Lucy & John
CORNISH, John & Ellen
COUPER, Rev. David Leslie
CRABBE, Elmina & Colonel Eyre John & Harriet
CREAGHE, John William Wentworth

DOLING, George Weeks
DOWLE, Irene Rosemary
DYER, Ada Martha & Frederick George & James & Mary & Unnamed infant

ELDER, Alice Maud

FOSTER, Hannah

GINGELL, Ellen Ogden
GOLDING, William & Richard & Jane

HAYSOM, George
HEWITT, Catherine Charlotte & ? John
HIBBERD, George & ? 
HIBBERD, Sarah & Ambrose
HIBBERD, William
HILL, Eliza & J.C. (see BENWELL)
HILLIER, Caroline & Frederick
HILLYER, George Henry & Caroline (also see ANDREWS)

JOBLING, Edward Watson

KENNETT, Joseph & ?
KIMBER, Sir Sidney Guy & Lady Helen Sarah & Wilfrid

LEE, Ellen Mary & Rev. John Morley
LISLE, Elizabeth & John
LYTTEL, Charlotte & Edward Shefford

MacCALMONT, Elizabeth Anne & Margaret Jane
McCALMONT, Emily Georgina & Thomas (Reverend) & Georgina Elizabeth & Alfred Leighton
MAYES, Florence
MAYO, Agnes Matilda
MEAD, Phillip & Mary
MIDDLETON, Boswell Bradford & Boswell & Eliza
MILES, Jane & Anne Mary WARD
MILES, Morris
MOODY, Sarah
MOYLE, Samuel & Ann (nee CHALK)
MURRAY, Elizabeth & Robert

NESHAM, Thomas Peere Williams & Admiral Thomas P.W. & Constance

OX, Richard

PETTET, Harriet & Alfred & Helen Maria
POPE, Elizabeth (nee HIBBERD) & George Toogood
PORCELLI, Martha Constance

ROWE, Joan (nee BARNARD)
RUSS, Ann & Samuel & John

SALISBURY, Captain O.W. (Peter)
SHAW, James Henry
SILVER, Rev. Edgar
SMITH, John (Commander) & Sybel & Isabella Allport
SNELGROVE, William Henry

TREMELLING, Eveline Gertrude
TRUMAN, Frederick James & James


WARD, Anne Mary (see MILES)
WARD, Bernard Edward & Charlotte Eugenia
WHARTON, Guy Fitzgerald
WIGRAM, Frederic Edward (Reverend) 
WOOLWARD, Elizabeth
WREN, Sophia