Rev. Philip Raulin Robin

Perpetual Curate – 1847-1852

Philip Raulin Robin was born on November 3rd, 1814 and baptized on November 4th, 1814. He was the 2nd son of John Robin Esq. of West Kirby and Mary King (daughter of Rev. Bryan King of Woodchurch, Cheshire). 
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Wirral, published 1889, by Phillip Sulley, transcribed on

Philip Raulin Robin attended Brasenose College, having matriculated on 13th June 1833, aged 18. He received his B.A. in 1837 and his M.A. in 1840.
Source: Oxford University Alumni, 1500-1886

In the 1841 census, Philip Robins (sic) is a 25 year old clergyman, living at the Parsonage in Little Lever, Salford, Lancashire. He was not born in Lancashire. He had two servants; Martha Darlington and Peter Lord.
Source: Class: HO107; Piece 537; Folio: 39; Page: 32; Line: 8; GSU roll: 306921.

Rev. Robin married in 1841. They had no children and she died in 1844. Between 1841 and arriving at Highfield in 1847, he was curate of Jesus Chapel (later named Peartree Church) in St. Mary Extra, Southampton and in 1845 was living in the Parsonage at Itchen Ferry, Southampton.
Source: Highfield Church Southampton 1847-1997, by Elizabeth Reader

In 1847 he became Perpetual Curate of the new Christ Church, Portswood and moved to Highfield. He oversaw the first marriage on 11th July 1848 (between Samuel Moyle and Ann Chalk) and the consecration of the burial ground, 15 March 1850.

In the 1851 census, P.R. Robin (b.1815, West Kirby, Cheshire) was a widower living in Highfield and described as Curate of Christ Church, Portswood. He had a lodger, Rhoda Nicholls and female visitor, E. Robins (b.1825, West Kirby). Two servants were present; Hannah Newman and George Rowden.
Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 1670; Folio: 168; Page: 53; GSU roll: 193578.

In 1853, he moved back to Woodchurch, Cheshire to become curate there. His uncle, Joshua King had become rector of the Holy Cross church after the death of his grandfather, Rev. Bryan King.

Marriage registered for Philip Raulin Robin to Catherine Frances Edwards, Apr-Jun 1855, Wirral, Cheshire, Vol. 8a, page 487.

In 1861 he succeeded his uncle and remained rector until his death. In the census of 1861 he was described as the Rector of Woodchurch. He was living in a private home in Barnston, with his wife Catherine Frances (b.1835, Darcey Hey, Halifax, Yorkshire). They had 3 children; Percival Carnet (b.1856, Barnston), Emily Frances (b.1857, Barnston) and Contstance Ellen (b.1858, Barnston). Also present were 5 domestic servants, a nurse, under nurse, cook, housemaid and a page.
Source Citation: Class: RG9; Piece: 2638; Folio: 27; Page: 20 & 21 GSU roll: 543003.

Birth registered for Leonard Philip Robin, Jul-Sep 1862, Wirral, Vol. 8a, page 390.

In the 1871 census, the family lived in Woodchurch village. Present was Philip, Catherine and their 2 daughters, Emily and Constance. Three domestic servants were listed; a cook, ladies maid and a house maid.
Source Citation: Class: RG10; Piece: 3743; Folio: 4; Page: 2; GSU roll: 842135.

Birth registered for Mary Sybel A. Robin, Jul-Sep 1876, Wirral, Vol. 8a, page 464.

In 1881, the family were shown living at Woodchurch Rectory. Present were Philip, Catherine, Emily, Constance, Leonard and Mary. Leonard and Mary were scholars. 2 domestic servants were listed.
Source Citation: Class: RG11; Piece: 3572; Folio: 4; Page: 1; GSU roll: 1341855

Percival Carteret Robin, matriculated Oriel College, Oxford, 19th October, 1875. He received a B.A. in 1879 and his M.A. in 1882. He became Vicar of Oxton in 1884. 
Source: Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire & Cheshire, Vol. LIII, published 1901

Leonard Philip Robin, matriculated 4 Jun 1881, age 18. Hertford College
Source: Oxford University Alumni, 1500-1886

Made an Honorary Canon of Chester Cathedral in 1885.
Source: Obituary written in the Liverpool Courier, Thursday, August 26th, 1897

In the 1891 census, Philip and Catherine still lived at the Rectory in Woodchurch. Philips was described as Rector of Woodchurch. They had 3 domestic staff.
Source Citation: Class: RG12; Piece: 2876; Folio 12; Page 18; GSU roll: 6097986.

Canon Philip Raulin Robin died on August 25th, 1897. He was succeeded into the post of Rector of Woodchurch by his eldest son, Percival.

Death registered for Philip Raulin Robin, Jul-Sep 1897, Wirral, Vol 8a, page 302.