Organist – Isaac Hawkins

In 1995, a photograph and letter with information about him, was kindly received by the church from the granddaughter of Isaac Hawkins. The information below is taken from that letter.

Church organist, Isaac Hawkins (taken circa 1896)

Isaac was born in Southampton in approx 1843.

He worked as a draughtsman with the Ordnance Survey in Southampton and was also the organist at Highfield Church.

In June 1885 he married Alice Maude Mary Lewis Bright at Highfield Church. They later had 3 sons, Isaac Horace (1867), Frank Basil (1888) and Edwin Philip (1889), each of whom emigrated to Australia and USA. 

Isaac died in Southampton in 1912 or 1913. Alice died in London in 1942, as a result of pneumonia.