Church Organ


The organ was given to the Church, in 1847, by Rev.d Thomas McCalmont. There is a brass plaque which shows: – ‘This organ is presented by a clergyman in the hope that it will aid in promoting congregational psalmody A.D. MD CCC XLVII. This first incarnation had a barrel action facility for mechanical playing (similar to a pianola) for when there was no organist. At this time the organ was in an alcove in the (then) North Wall, opposite the west wall.

When the north aisle was built in 1856 the organ was moved to the west wall.

In 1868 the barrel action was removed when the organ was enlarged and moved under the Tower.

Ten years later, in 1878, the chancel was enlarged and the organ was placed on the north side of the new chancel.

In 1927 major repairs and modification, including electrification, were carried out, and the organ was moved again, to the current position. It is to presumably pay for this upgrading that funds were raised 

Inscription relating to 1951 reconstruction

1927-29 Organ Fund

Below is a transcript of the ‘Highfield Church Organ Fund’ Accounts Book. The original is kept with other Church Records at the Archives at the Southampton Central Library. Many thanks to the Hammond family for it’s return.

In 1927 major repairs and modification, including electrification, were carried out, and the organ was moved again, to the current position in the north of the chancel. It is to presumably pay for this upgrading that these funds were raised.

The accounts show that a total of £1299 16s 7d was raised between September 1927 and March 1929. Donations were received from the individuals listed below. The ledger records that were some small costs related to this fundraising; postage, leaflets, receipt books. Additionally, further costs were incurred staging special events, a garden fete, organ recitals, bridge and whist drives etc.

Please note donations were made over an 18month period -so some individuals made more than one donation and therefore appear more than once in the lists below…..

The three main payments (March 1928 – £757.10s; Sept 1928 – £378.15s and March 1929 £378.15s ) were all to James Ivimey – (1925 Kelly’s directory show a James Frederick Ivimey, organ Builder Up. Banister .St..- there’s also a teacher of music in Bugle St….); For many years the organ continued to be maintained by Messrs Ivimey and Cooper, both of whom were members of the choir.

of 6d
Mrs Carter

of 1s
A Friend
Miss Dora Pennell
Miss Wills
Mrs Purvin
Mrs Lockyer
Mrs Munday

of 1s 3d
Miss M Keswick
of 1s 6d
Miss Gladys Page

of 2s
Anon (Miss Dorothy Canning)
of 2s 6d
Miss N A Boyd
Mrs Luff
Miss Kimber
Miss Whitfield
Miss Betty Long
Miss Doreen Long
Mr E Spring
Mrs E Spring
Mr J E Curwell
Mr G A Hart
Mrs Saillard
Miss B A Harrison
Mrs E J Whitmore
Mr & Mrs G Warner
Miss May Cheeseman
Mr & Mrs G J Doe
Mr Mann for Miss Persse
Miss R Whitfield
Miss B E Long
Miss Joan Terry
Miss E Nightingale
Mrs F M Newton
Mrs E Toleman
Mrs Montgomery
Miss Sandell (per Miss 
Mrs Pook
Mr Whyte
Mrs Slade
Mr A Kimber
Mr Andrews

of 3s
Mrs Pope
of 3s 6d
Mrs Willatts

of 4s
Miss Emma Butler
Miss Elsie Butler
Mr Spring

of 5s
Miss F Hammond
Mrs A G Hambly
Miss E K Fellows
Mr & Mrs D Whitfield
Miss Stripe
Mr J Watts
Miss E P Tucker
Mr & Mrs Hart
Miss E M Sandell
Miss E Matthews
Mrs Campbell Parkin
Miss F Miller
Mr J Harrison
Mrs A B Watkins
Mrs & Miss Whitford
Mrs Luff & Miss Kimber
Mr & Mrs McClean
Miss Hilda Day
Mrs Sims
Miss E M Bailey
Mrs D Burge
Mrs E J Sims & Ena & Edward
Miss Cocks
Mr Charles Dymott
Mr Mrs & Miss Smith
Mr Mrs W G Smith
Mr A Rolph
Mrs I M Rolph
Mr & Mrs Whitfield
Mrs Macintyre
Mrs M I Robson
Mrs Midgley
Mrs Kerrigan
Mr G R Jones
Mrs Seaman
Misses W & G Caines
Mr F H Leggat
Mr Arthur Burt
Mr F Marshall
Mr A E Spring
Anon for ATF
Miss Bennett
Mr J J Fowler
Mrs Kimber
Miss K Eldridge
Miss Persse

of 6s
Mr & Mrs A Maclean
Miss Isobel McLeod

of 7s 6d
Mrs E H S Pegler
Mr & Mrs Scotts
Mr Mrs & Miss Spring

of 8s
Miss Perkins

of 10s
F Burt Esq
Miss E M Cooke
Miss S Holbrook
Mrs F L Holbrook
Mrs A Sharp
Mrs & Miss Mortimore
?Inf or Surf? Cap’n & Mrs Biden
Mrs Long
Anonymous (F.K.)
Mrs Glass
Mr & Mrs Boyd
Miss M J Steel
Mrs J Ward
Mrs A Maclean
Mr & Mrs S Hayward
Mrs S J Whitehead
Mr A J Snell
Miss Margaret Browne
Miss Dorothy Browne
Mr, Mrs & Misses Granger
Miss Florence Matthews
Mr E Scammell
Mrs Slader
Miss Atkins
Miss J Drummond
Mr F W Skeats
Mrs S J Whitehead
Miss Baverstock
Mr Mann
Mr J Watts
Dr D R Boyd
Mr & Mrs W des Reaux le Page
Miss Harford Lyne
Mrs Whitford
Miss Mitchell
Mrs Alford
Mr M A Watts
Mrs E Tulley
Mrs Harrison
Miss Margaret Browne
Miss Dorothy Browne
Miss Matthews
Mr J Watts
Miss E A King
Mr R G Sandell
Mr & Mrs H K Ogden
Miss R M Barnes
Miss W B (Miss Winifred Burton)
Mr & Mrs A T Johnson
Mr Mrs & Miss Benham
Anonymous R R
Mrs J E Horsey
Mr G T Lowman
D R H & EH
Mr A J Snell
Mrs & the Misses Robin
Miss E M Drimming
Miss K Field
Miss Forsdick
Miss Burnett
Mr & Mrs Wheeler
Miss M C Downie
Mr F GRanger

of 10s 6d
Mrs MacIlwaine
Mrs B Chesher
Dr J C H Beaumont
Miss E M Burnett
Miss F E Forsdick
Mr C Sturges
Mrs Helmer
Mr & Mrs H N McGill
Miss E A Boden

of 11s
Mr I Jeffery
Mrs de Page

of 15s
Mr & Mrs Sinclair & family

of £1.0.0
Mrs A J Corse Scott
Miss E McCalmont
Mrs Barrett
Mr & Mrs A E Rood
Mr & Mrs A T Flux
Miss Selwood
Miss L Hill
Mrs Morton
Miss A Westlake
G E Stewart (anonymous)
A Wanderer (Mr C S Dann)
Miss M F Shapley
Miss E Bailey
Misses Woodgate
Mrs & Miss Persse
Miss E E Shapley
Mrs M A Watts
Mr J Montgomery
Anonymous (Miss K D)
Capt W Marshall
Mrs Read & Mr S G Read
Mrs S Morton
Miss Ada Westlake
Mr T Hall
Mr F Granger
Miss Lee
Mrs F Morton
Capt J H A Smith
Mr & Mrs A T Flux
Miss Julia Drummond
Mrs M E Whitley
Miss Florence Hammond
Mrs Harrison
Misses Horseman (sec Don)
Mr Pitcairn Jones
Mrs Corse Scott
Mrs S R Newcombe
Miss Clara Westlake
Miss Ada C Westlake
Mr V A Abbott
Mrs L H Marshall
Capt Barnard R N
Miss Caroline Westlake
Mr Mrs & Miss Ward
Mr & Mrs I Burt
Miss V Gale
Mrs G H Bishop
Mr W Jackson
Miss M Wentworth Shields
Mrs P J Cavill
Mr & Mrs Ryan
Mrs J Montgomery
Miss Kate E Bailey
Mr A C Rood
Miss E Wright

of £1.1.0
Miss C Westlake
Mrs Pegler
S K Newcombe Esq
Mrs F Kenward
Mr W G Horseman
Misses Horseman
Miss F Mayes
Mrs L Plummer Price
Miss Emily Rutledge
Mrs W H Mitchell
Alderman S G Kimber
Mr & Mrs Court
Mr & Mrs J Bevis
Mrs W Boden
Mrs Mitchell
Misses Cocks
Miss E R Aubrey
Mrs A B Eliott
Mr E H Spencer
Anon ‘G’
Mr & Mrs Biddle
Mrs Pegler
Mr & Mrs J Bevis
Professor & Mrs V de Sola Pinto
Anonymous G (Mr Gibson)
Mr & Mrs W A Penton

of £1.4.6
Misses K & A Drummond

of £1.8.6
Misses K & A Drummond
Mrs Mitchell

of £1.9.0
Misses K & A Drummond

of £1.10.0
Misses Drummond & Mrs ? Mahirin ?
Sister Mann
Misses Woodgate

of £1.12.0
Misses K & A Drummond

of £2.0.0
Mrs W Sutton & Miss Guthrie
Sir Benjamin & Lady Chave
Mrs H A Cross
Mr & Mrs Richard Andrews J P
Miss Sellwood
Mr & Mrs J W Creaghe
Miss Sellwood for fete fund
Miss Sellwood
Miss M E Maddison
Mrs E M Lewis
Mr R Andrews J P
Miss Marion Westlake
Mr & Mrs Holloway
Mrs J Gale
Miss M F Shapley

of £2.2.0
Mr & Mrs H Collins
Dr H J Bower
A C Mead
Mrs L F Paris
Miss Harford Lyne
Mr & Mrs S McIlween
Mr F R Plummer Price
Mrs Ponsford Browne
Mr F Granger
Mr & Mrs J S Caines
Mrs W Sutton & Miss Guthrie
Miss A M Sharp
Mr R Martin
Alderman W Bagshaw
Miss E Heriot Hammond
Mr & Mrs P C Mead (sec don)
Mrs L Burnett (sec don)
Anonymous (W Forrest Smith)
Mr W Moss
Mr B H Waller

of £2.10.0
J W Creaghe Esq
Mrs Creagh
Anon (per W H Burton)

of £2.12.0
Miss Clara Westlake

of £3.3.0
Mr E M Lowe
Mr A H Rayner
Mrs L Burnett
anonymous (MR & Mrs G)

of £4.0.0
Dr Alex Hill
Mrs Barrett (sec. Don.)
Anonymous G E T

of £5.0.0
Dr Alex Hill
Mrs Pitcairn Jones
Mrs K E Hoskyn
Mrs Gale
Mr & Mrs Burton
Revd & Mrs Alyes
Mr J Edwards
Mrs L N Ryley
Capt & Mrs Hedley
Mrs O’Shaughnessy
Mr D C J Thomas
Mrs Emily ?Pomme?
Anonymous (x)
Mr & Mrs J H J Wharton
Mr J Gale
Mrs H C Smith
Revd F S & Mrs Alyes
Miss Selwood

of £5.5.0
A Fawcus Esq
Revd W H Chitty & Mrs Chitty
Miss M L Rudkin
Miss D Day
A A Nash Esq
Mr W Moss
Mr Arthur Fawcus

of £10.0.0
Miss M Keswick
Mrs Godden
Leonard F Paris Esq
Mrs A Godden (anon ‘G’)
x.y.z A thank offering
Canon W H Chitty RD
Mr A Fawcus (anon F)

of £10.10.0
Miss Rudin

of £25.0.0
Miss P M Perkins
Revd W H Chitty (anonymous)