Choir Photographs

Below are old photographs of the church choir kindly provided by Highfield Church. Where members are identified on the photographs, these are given.

Highfield Church Choir – 1903
The 1903 Choir photo was taken up against the original West end of the Church before the 1915 extension. At that time there was no West door. The original tripartite window, seen in this picture is now at the West end of the North aisle, where it was moved after the extension.
Text taken from the reverse
Highfield Church Choir – September 1907
The 1907 Choir photo was taken outside the Church, but where the Choir Vestry is now (1999). The present Choir vestry was added either at the time of the 1915 extension or during the 1920s
Text taken from the reverse
Highfield Church Choir – May 1920
Highfield Church Choir – 1928

From the back row: D Beard, E Sims, F Nicklin
K Barnes, H Thomas, ii, R Jones, H Thomas, i, A Cole, L Wilmshurst, J Dyer, J Lowman, A Stone, D Rood, L Scorey, K Vine, R Kerrigan, E Thompson, P Tull, R Spreadbury
B Chandler, S Snelgrove, L Allison, C Abbott, A Sinclair, S Chandler, J Brickell, A Campbell, J Searle, F Dyer
H Isard, J Ivimey, A Chandler, W E Smith, J Bevis, H Burton, Canon Chitty, Rev D P Williams
A T Flux, C Dymott, F Elford, H Talbot, F Pointer,
W Beeching, N Wilmshurst, H Ridley, A Jones, ii, D Oliver, F Sinclair, F Seeney, R Jones, i, C Waygood
Text taken from the inscription printed on the mount.