Highfield Church

Highfield Church, officially known as Christ Church, Portswood, was founded in 1847. Prior to this the hamlet of Highfield, South Stoneham fell under St.Marys, South Stoneham. The church became known as Highfield Church in 1883.

View of a section of Highfield Churchyard from the junction of Highfield Lane & Church Lane, 2010

There are approximately 70 external graves and memorials in the churchyard and church centre. The majority cover the period when the churchyard was active for burials, 1850 – 1866, but there are other later ones, including the war memorial to those lost from the parish in the First World War. Many of these are now in a poor state, weather worn and damaged over the course of time. It was the interest of a 4 year old in finding out what was written on the graves that inspired the project to document and photograph them, so that further information was not lost. The transcriptions were made in 2010 and the condition of the graves since then has worsened. Some are no longer readable.

Internally there are many more, including dedicated windows, furniture and artwork in memory of family members.

For more information about Highfield Church today, you can go to the church website. There is also a very good book, produced by a parishioner, covering the first 150 years of church history. It is not commercially sold but copies may still be available from the church.